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What do you know about Noni fruit

The Efficacy and Benefits of Noni, What do you know about Noni fruit? Noni - Morinda citrifolia commonly known as great morinda, Indian mulberry, nunaakai (Tamil Nadu, India) , dog dumpling (Barbados), mengkudu (Indonesia and Malaysia), Kumudu (Balinese), pace (Javanese), beach mulberry, cheese fruit[1] or noni (from Hawaiian) is a tree in the coffee family, Rubiaceae and if the Java People is known Bentis. Noni trees has a height of about 3-8 meters, the fruit is green, round-oval and there are spots, grown a lot in the region of Indonesia.

Noni fruits has many benefit for health :
1. Noni is a fruit that has a complete nutritional content. Nutrients or the human body needs nutrients like protein, vitamins, and essential minerals. The content of such compounds in the noni fruit xeronine, sosium, plant sterois, alizarin, lycine, caprylic acid, arginine, proxeronine, antra quinines, trace elemens, phenylalanine, magnesium, etc.. Selenium is a mineral found in Noni is a powerful antioxidant. Terpenoids, this substance helps in the process of organic synthesis and recovery of the body's cells.
2. Noni fruit contains anti-bacterial substances. Active substances that can kill bacteria that cause infections, such as Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Protens morganii, Staphylococcus aureus, Bacillus subtilis, and Escherichia coli. Anti-bacterial substance that can also control bacterial pathogens (turn off) such as Salmonella montivideo, S. scotmuelleri, S. typhi, and Shigella dusenteriae, S. flexnerii, S. pradysenteriae, and Staphylococcus aureus.
3. Contain Scolopetin. Scolopetin compound as a very effective element of anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic.
4. Contains anti-cancer substances. Anti-cancer substances found in Noni most effective against the abnormal cells.
5. Contains Xeronine and proxeronine.
One of the important alkaloid contained in the noni fruit is xeronine. Noni fruit contains very little xeronine, but many contain precursor (precursor) xeronine alias proxeronine in large numbers. Proxeronine is a kind of nucleic acids as the other colloid-colloid. Xeronine absorbed the body's cells to activate proteins that are not active, set the structure and shape of the active cell.
The greatness of noni fruit is widely used for treatment purposes. Many studies conducted by medical experts from various countries about kasiat of noni. In 1993, the journal Cancer Letter reported that some researchers from Keio University and The Institute of Biomedical Sciences in Japan who do research on 500 types of plants claim that they found anti-cancer substances (damnacanthal) contained in Noni fruit.
According to a survey conducted by Dr. Neil Solomon, the people who regularly eat fruit or juice Noni involving 40 doctors and other medical practitioners indicates that Noni juice helps restore a number of diseases including heart disease, cancer, digestive disorders, diabetes, stroke, and a number of diseases other. New in 1993, a researcher (Helen Sim), in a master's thesis entitled The Isolation and Characterization of a Fluorescent Compound From The Fruit of Morinda citrifolia: Studies on 5-HT Receptor System reported the presence of substances in the Noni fruit that is not known by him or his friends. Most of these substances related to health and has been demonstrated only in the Noni fruit.

The following are Properties of The Noni fruit :
- Increase body resistance
- Normalize blood pressure
- Against tumors and cancerous
- Reduce the pain
- Anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic
- Anti-bacterial
- Set the mood
- Adjust the the body's energy

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