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What's New With Fletro pro Templates

What's New With Fletro pro Templates

There have been many major changes in this update, the most notable is the change in the layout of blogger from the old school version to version 3 which is more modern and easy to customize. Its appearance has also been changed to a more minimalistic and clean look with a combination of a brighter color palette and a tidier post layout that makes it easier for users to read your blog content.

The layout in this template is made with UX in mind(user experience) inspired by some of the content on Dribbble and Medium. The choice of font and size as well as text color is also more optimized, the color of Dark mode or what is commonly called night mode is also more optimized, and all this will continue to be improved according to user feedback and the latest UX rules.

Layout v3 and Widget v2

In terms of appearance, the difference from the old version may not be too striking, but in terms of HTML code this template is 100% different from the previous version. One of the advantages of Layout v3 is that it is easier to use and modify. When compared to the old version, the layout of this new version is lighter and simpler, the widgets are also easier to customize.

Complete Widget Style

This template has provided a more complete widget style, by default all the main (important) widgets are installed in this template but only a few are activated. You can choose to activate it or not, even if you add a new widget the style will automatically change according to the default style of this template.

Here are some widgets that have the default styles in the fletro template:

  • Author and Multiauthor widgets
  • Follow by Email Widget
  • Label Widget (Cloud / List)
  • Popular Post Widget (2 styles) – This widget is displayed in 2 different styles which change automatically when thumbnails are activated or not
  • Feed Widget (Default recent Blogger post)
  • Archive Widget (2 styles – Hierarchy and List)
  • Contact Widget

Adaptive Header

Not responsive, but a header that adapts based on the screen when the blog is opened. Especially the Header Menu which looks very different when opened on desktop and mobile. In UX, it is not only the appearance of the template that is considered but also the comfort of the user.

It is a bad decision to use the hamburger menu on a desktop display when viewed from a UX perspective even though the reason is to enhance the responsive appearance of the blog.

In this template the header menu will be displayed standard with a dropdown, but it will be very different when opened on a smaller screen size (mobile). When opened on a mobile, the menu display will change to a hamburger menu and is equipped with icon and links social media. All menus will be modified / combined in one blog including Menu Settings, this is the main difference of this template with other premium templates.

Easier to Change Template Color

Especially the header background color, if you are saturated with the white background appearance of this header template, you can change it easily, this template also has a background color (gradient) in the header, all you need to do is add the ‘gradient’ class to the header. Please see the demo and tutorial here everything is explained in detail to how to change the color of the gradient.

You can also change other colors of this blog via the blogger template editor without editing the HTML of your template.

Search Block

Instead of only displaying text input when pressing the search button, this template displays a full block of search pages. Not only that, the search block also displays suggestions for search topics based on labels.

Horizontal Menu

The difference with the previous template is that you can choose to automatically display this menu based on labels or edit it manually. All you need to do is activate one of the widgets in the horizontal section of this menu and deactivate the other widgets.

Switch Post Layout

One of the new features of this template is that you can change the post layout on the index page (homepage, label and search page) into grid or list mode. As is Dark Mode, this layout change will always be applied when you visit this blog again until you change it yourself.

Multipost Layout

There are 2 layouts on the post page, you can choose a standard or fullread layout (remove the sidebar) on articles with certain labels. An example of how it looks you can see in this post.

Page Split

You can divide a long article or post into several different pages. This feature is often found on blogs Tribune and affiliates. Its use is very easy, please go to this post to see the demo.

Related Posts 5 Style

Like the picture above, there are 5 different styles of related posts that you can try. The most striking difference from the related post styles will be seen when opened on the mobile display.

This widget also supports lazy images, so you don’t have to worry about loading your blog.

Whatsapp Chat Widget

To make it easier for users to interact with the admin, we added a Whatsapp chat widget that will appear on all pages except the post page because on that page the chat button will be replaced with a button Back to Top.

Other additional features are not available by default in this template, but are provided optionally. To add them, you can follow the tutorials written on this blog.

Give Feedback or Report a Bug

What do you think about this update? is it according to your expectations?

please write your opinion or report a bug if you find it in the comments column, if there is no obstacle we will reply as soon as possible.

Update log

Update: January 20, 2020

  1. Slight improvements to the CSS code
  2. Fix ads above and below the article appearing in inappropriate places
  3. The addition of 2 ad slots in the middle of the article

Update: March 23, 2020

  1. Slight improvements to the CSS code
  2. Adding widget 2 middle article ads and related article ads, now you can directly add ads directly through the layout menu.
  3. Adding related articles in the middle of posts

Update: March 24, 2020

  1. Lite version template release, lighter and cheaper
  2. Removes jquery in the lite version

Update: April 3, 2020

  1. AMP version template release

Update: April 26, 2020

  1. Release template version 5.3
  2. Lighter and cleaner CSS code
  3. It’s easier to change colors
  4. It’s easier to customize the post widget
  5. Deleting blogger’s default javascript and javascript
  6. Modify default Blogger comments
  7. Moving AMP pages to? Amp = 1
  8. Improvements to the AMP version of the template
  9. The appearance of the popular post widget is more elegant
  10. It’s easier to edit the whatsapp chat widget
  11. some other adjustments

Update: April 29, 2020

  1. Release 3 column AMP version template

Update: July 18, 2020

  1. Release template version 5.4
  2. Returns the mobile navigation menu to the previous version
  3. Move the Night Mode icon next to the search button
  4. Adding social media links in header and mobile navigation
  5. Added the text ‘Grid mode’ to the grid button, to confirm that it is a clickable button
  6. Changing the CSS code on the menu grid, now the post order that appears will be sideways (previously decreased)
  7. Change font to ‘Nunito Sans’
  8. Change the default search box to ‘eg Tutorial’
  9. Changed the sentence ‘Written by’ to ‘Posted by’ on the author’s profile
  10. Change the ‘Read Also’ sentence in the related article to the Blogger default sentence ‘You may like this post’
  11. Change the overall icon appearance to be more synchronized, including widget icons on the sidebar and comments
  12. Change the image size format on thumbnails that automatically adjusts the aspect ratio
  13. Changed the table of contents format to pure CSS and HTML, now this feature can be used in AMP templates
  14. Change the table format to be more responsive
  15. Change the share menu button by adding ‘Share on Whatsapp’ and ‘Telegram’ share button
  16. Change the layout of related articles in posts and table of contents
  17. Change the script code in the related post / related article
  18. Remove the related post style to only 1 style
  19. Remove the Label widget on the Horizontal Menu
  20. Remove the whatsapp chat widget
  21. Removes the show / hide effect on sticky headers
  22. Remove color gradations in the header and navigation menu
  23. Fixed the bug that the page was not responsive over the width of the content
  24. Fixed the bug that the header logo image was not showing on the AMP version
  25. Separate scripts for ad middle, top and bottom of the article. Now hiding one ad slot will have no effect on other ad slots
  26. Maintains ‘Night mode’ and ‘Grid mode’ in the AMP version (previously removed in the AMP version)
  27. Change the ‘Profile’ and ‘FollowByEmail’ widgets to be valid AMP
  28. Added total comments on the ‘FeaturedPost’ and ‘PopularPosts’ widgets

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