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The version 5.3 update has changed?

Fletro Pro - Update version 5.3 what has changed?

We are working hard for this update in addition to fixing some problems or bugs we also customize and add some features to make this template easier to use.

in terms of appearance it may not be much different from before, it’s just that the focus on this update is more to improve the user experience of this template.

1. Easier use

In the previous version there were several settings that required editing the HTML template which was very difficult, especially for people who are unfamiliar with coding. In this update, we are trying to minimize this, among the things that have changed from this update are:

Colors are 100% changeable in the Blogger Theme Designer

We moved all the color codes in the template to the Blogger Theme Designer, so you can freely change them as you wish from the header color to the link color.

The AMP version cannot change the color in the theme designer, instead we use a variable CSS to write the color / width of the content and so on. Please find the CSS code below and change it according to your wishes.

:root {--lebar-konten: 1024px;--lebar-sidebar: 300px;--tinggi-header: 57px;--tinggi-header-min: -57px;--warna-bg-header: rgba(255,255,255,.98);--warna-bg-tombol: #3a7bd5;--warna-bg-popup: rgba(255,255,255,.98);--warna-bg-popup-hover: rgba(248,248,248,.98);--warna-bg-gambar: #ebeced;--warna-utama: #161617;--warna-teks: #505050;--warna-teks-alternatif: #989b9f;--warna-link: #3a7bd5;--warna-link-hover: #989b9f;--heading-font: 'Ubuntu', sans-serif;--body-font: 'Roboto', sans-serif;}

Easily change the color of the night mode

The default color for the night mode in this template is dark blue, some think this color is comfortable to read at night, some want other colors that can be adjusted. Because of that, now you can change the color of this night mode in the Blogger Theme Designer.

Adjustable width

The size of the content width in this template is set to 1024px, but you can increase the width to a maximum of 1200px including the width of the sidebar which you can reduce below 300px. Not only that you can change the header height, the default header height of this template is 57px, you can change it to a slightly taller one or vice versa.

Easily change fonts

In this update, we changed the heading font, which was originally a serif type, to san-serif to be more precise, we used the font ‘Ubuntu‘as headings and Roboto for the body. If you don’t like this font or want to experiment with other fonts that are on Google Fonts, you can change it directly in the theme designer provided you add the font code from Google Fonts into your template.

2. Easier customization of the post widget

Some people may prefer to be an Anonymous writer or keep their identity secret by using a pen name or something. For this reason, the post widget in this template can now be fully adjusted on the Blogger Layout menu, what can you change?

Fletro Pro - Easier customization of the post widget
  • Show or hide the author’s name and images in the article
  • Show or hide the publish date and article update
  • Show or hide the number of comments
  • Show or hide labels at the end of articles
  • Show the share button or hide it
  • Displays the profile of the author who answered the post

Feel free to experiment and see the results on your blog.

Adding the last update or the last date the article was updated

When the article is updated automatically the update date will appear at the bottom right of the post title.

What is the function?
To further convince readers that the articles you write are still relevant because sometimes readers prefer to read the latest articles than those that have been released for longer

Change the breadcrumb schema so that it is indexed by google faster

Now the breadcrumb is only limited to a maximum of 2 labels that appear both on the homepage or post, the goal is that the breadcrumb schema is more valid and indexed quickly by Google, in the previous version sometimes the breadcrumb that appears in the search results is only 1 level, in the latest version this has been fixed and Now the breadcrumb will appear at a maximum of 2 levels

www.nmablog.com > label1 > label2

3. Remove Jquery and reduce CSS size

Because we think jquery is no longer relevant to this template, we decided to delete it permanently, on the bright side, loading the blog is a little faster because the script that blocks / slows down the blog rendering process is removed.

One of the things that is slowing down and requires a lot of effort in this update is rewriting the CSS which aims to reduce its size, we remove unnecessary CSS code to lighten the blog, the results are not only lighter, the CSS code arrangement also looks tidier.

Removing blogger default javascript code

The only reason we keep blogger’s default javascript code is for the reply button to work, as it is known that this button won’t work when blogger’s default javascript is removed.

However, we can handle this, so to make this template easier, we removed the default Blogger javascript code.

4. Change the share button appearance

We learned from the previous version and found that the share button in older versions is very difficult to recognize and confusing because it uses a small icon, in this update we changed its appearance to make it clearer to the reader by displaying a larger main share button.

To narrow down our readers’ choices, we only display 2 main share buttons namely Facebook and Twitter and display the rest of them in a popup form.

In terms of User Experience This is highly recommended because basically readers will be happy to share your article if they find it interesting. When a user wants to share your article, giving confusing choices is a fatal mistake.

5. Modify the default Blogger comments

Added lazy load on comment images

Lately we have realized that the images in blogger comments affect the index / loading of the blog, which means that the more comments on your posts, the slower your blog will be to load.

For that we modify the default blogger comments by adding a lazy image to the comment image so as not to slow down loading the blog.

Automatically removes all active links in comments

Sometimes many spammers comment on blogs and put an active link on their comments, this is of course annoying if you have to delete them all the time, the first solution is comment moderation but this is a little inconvenient and a waste of time.

So we deactivate all existing links in comments including the blogger / google profile link in the comment author’s name, the link will automatically be converted into text when someone tries to write an active link in the comment.

Added schema Comment

We also added a schema comment on this modification, please check the post structure on this demo blog on Google Testing Tools so you will see if the comments on this blog are also indexed.

AMP valid

This modification comment is also valid AMP, it’s just that when in AMP mode you can’t reply to comments but you can reply to comments while in AMP mode. ? m = 1

6.Moving the AMP page to? Amp = 1

In the first amp version, we admit that there are still many shortcomings, including not being able to reply to comments on posts, there is no related article at the end of the post, there is no middle ad on posts and many others.

Since the amp version doesn’t accept javascript the best solution we found was to move the AMP version to ? amp = 1

This means that in AMP mode the user will be focused on reading your articles (reading mode), without paying attention to other things such as commenting or seeing popular articles on the sidebar. If the user wants to comment or reply to comments it will be redirected to the page ? m = 1 or the standard Blogger mobile page

In vogue ? m = 1 all features that use javascript are still available such as article middle ads, related articles, write / reply to comments and blog sidebars

7. The appearance of the popular post widget is more elegant

Inspired by popular post template widgets linkmagz, we tried to modify the default popular post widget which will only show one main image when thumbnails are enabled. The difference is we also add the label and the date of publication of the article on this widget, please try to activate the thumbnail on the popular post widget and see the difference.

8. Easier to edit the whatsapp chat widget

At first we wanted to delete this widget, but we decided to cancel it because some template users thought this widget was still useful.

The changes we made to this widget are that it is easier to change the whatsapp number on the widget, which initially had to be changed on the blog’s Edit HTML menu, now it can be changed directly via the Blogger Layout.

If you don’t like this widget, instead of deleting it you can choose to hide this widget by clicking the ‘show widget / javascript’ check mark on the blogger layout menu.

That’s all, update this time, if there are suggestions or input, please write in the comments column.

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