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Split Pages Feature (Like Wordpress)

Split Pages Feature (Like WordPress)

One of the other features of this template that you deserve to try is split posts like in wordpress, this feature is widely used by big blogs, call it a tribune and so on.

This feature automatically divides a post into multiple pages. The way it works is quite simple, the user only needs to press the page number button to read the rest of the article.

How to use this feature is fairly easy, you only need to add a few tags in the article that you create, the post will automatically be divided into several parts.

Sharing Post Tutorial

First of all please make a post in HTML Editor mode, this feature cannot be activated if you create posts in Compose mode.

Add code

at the beginning of the post and add the code

at the end of the post. Display the code as below:

<div id='postsplit'></div>

Please go to the next page to read the next tutorial.

Still on HTML Editor, please enter the code in the article that you share, if you combine it in the first way, the whole code will be like this:

<div id='postsplit'>// Disini adalah isi artikel pada halaman pertama// Disini adalah isi artikel pada halaman kedua// Disini adalah isi artikel pada halaman ketida</div>

Before the article is published, please click the preview to see if this feature works or not. If the code is correct, this feature will automatically work as in the example of this post.

It should be noted that this method is actually not good for SEO because it makes it difficult for users to have to click on the page to read the next article, not including having to wait for blog loading which sometimes loads bored. Personally, the author himself doesn’t like to use this feature as an example of a blog Tribune which cuts short articles into several pages, making the author very lazy to read articles from the blog.

Tips from the author make content / articles that are simple but heavy so that the user is more comfortable, if the article is indeed a long one then you will use this feature.

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