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Sitemap Setting Guide

Guide to Setting Sitemaps on the Fletro pro template

In the latest update you can now add a sitemap to a static page, we have provided a ready-to-use sitemap script, all you have to do is copy the script to your page.

This sitemap script will display all your articles based on labels that are sorted alphabetically, to see the sitemap demo you can directly visit This page

Change the domain in the script

Make sure you change the url in the script with your blog link so that the list of articles that appear is from your blog.

Please find a url like this in the script and replace it with your blog url:


Fix the issue of sitemap not appearing

As explained above, this script will display articles based on labels on your blog, if there is an error that causes the sitemap not to appear, then most likely the cause of the problem is that the url in the script has not been changed or there are some of your posts that do not have a label.

Yes, the requirement for posts to appear on the sitemap is that all articles must have a ‘Label’ even if only one label. Also make sure you enable feed settings on your blog

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