How to Remove Seller.json Notification From Google Adsense in 2021

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Hello blogger friends, here Donod will share How to Remove Google AdSense Sellers.json Notifications.
The notification will look like this:

We recommend that you publish your seller information in Google's sellers.json file. Go to the account settings page to review your current visibility status

All Google AdSense users, one of them, I also get this notification.

How to Remove Sellers.json Notification from Adsense
How to Remove Sellers.json Notification from Adsense

What is Sellers.json?

Seller.json provides a mechanism that allows buyers or buyers to find entities that are direct sellers or sellers or intermediaries in the sale of digital ads. Sellers.json is the IAB technology lab standard that increases transparency in the advertising ecosystem and helps fight fraud. So Google AdSense users are encouraged to make information transparent.
Then you follow the steps below to make your seller or seller information transparent.

How to Remove Google AdSense Sellers.json Notifications?

The first step, log into your Google AdSense account and click Action on the AdSense warning notification.

After that, it will redirect to the account information page, in the seller information visibility section, select Transparent and in the Business domains section just ignore it (Not filled).

Done! Google AdSense will automatically save the above settings and after 24 hours the notification will disappear.

Thus from Donod on How to Remove Sellers.json Notification from Adsense? Thank you for visiting and hope it is useful.

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