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How to get free diamonds in free fire in 2021

Diamonds in Free Fire are virtual currencies that allow you to buy gifts, skins, profits, and more in the Garena game. To get FF Free diamonds quickly, you must buy them with real money or follow one of these methods to Get Free Fire Diamonds Free 2021.

How to get free diamonds in free fire

Free Fire is Garena's Battle Royale available for download on Android and iPhone (iOS) devices. The Ame Digital application offers a 300 diamond bonus on FF for players who register and buy packages through digital account services.

See step by step how to get free diamond FF 2021 very easily.

How to get 300 Diamond FF for Free with the Ame Digital 2021 application

Register on the Ame Digital website

  • Make a  list on the website Digital Ame (  www.pre-cadastro.amedigital.com  ) to inform the name, CPF, e-mail and phone number are on the form. After filling in, click "Submit";
How to Get Free FF Diamonds
  • If all data is correct, the platform will confirm that your data has been registered with Ame Digital.

Registration in the Ame Digital application

For how to get 2021 Free FF diamonds you can use this application. Here's how.

  • Download the free Ame Digital app from the App Store or Google Play Store. After installation, open the application on the device;
How to Get Free FF Diamonds
  • On the application home screen, select “Create my Ame account” to start your registration with Ame Digital. Then, enter your CPF or CNPJ number and click “Next steps”;
  • In the next step, enter your full name and date of birth, then click "Next step". On the next screen, fill in your email address, mobile number and press “Next steps”;
  • In the field ordered, enter the four characters sent via SMS and click "Confirm". In the next step, create a password with letters and numbers, accept the terms and conditions, then select "Done";
  • Validate the account creation by opening the email sent by Ame Digital and clicking “Confirm email”.

Buy and exchange Diamonds at Ame Digital

  • In the Ame Digital app, click “Sign in to my account” then enter your email or phone number and password. Then click "Enter";
  • On the home screen, click on “Transactions” and then on “Game”;
  • Select the "Free Fire + 10% bonus" option and select the credit pack for Free Fire that you wish to purchase: R $ 50, R $ 75 or R $ 100;
  • Allow your data to be shared with Hype Games and click “Next steps”. Then, read the details of the purchase carefully;
  • If you do not have a credit card registered with Ame Digital, click “Register card” and, after registration, on “Confirm payment” to guarantee the diamond purchase and bonus exchange promised by the Ame Digital app.

Ame Digital will direct users to the Hype Games platform where they will inform their data and game IDs to get diamond Free fire for free and bonuses.

Application to getting Free Diamond FF 2021

How to Get Free Diamonds for Free Fire 2021

1. Diamond

This is a roulette application that can be very useful to get FF diamonds for free 2021.

This works by pulling the roulette that appears in the application and when we get points, we can convert them into  FF diamonds.

It also has other games, such as memory or rounds with which we will get points which we can exchange for Fre Fire diamonds.

How to get free diamonds in free fire in 2021

The drawback that this application might have is that, when playing, there are advertisements that can be annoying, but it is a small sacrifice compared to the diamonds that we can win.

When you go to change diamond points, you have to enter your FF code so you can credit the diamonds to your account.

2. Diamonds for Free Fire Plus

With a fairly original name, this Android app allows us to earn points by doing simple tasks. For example, installing an application and printing it later.

Diamonds for Free Fire Plus

This will allow you to earn a few more points if we compare it to roulette, this way in which you will get free FF diamonds faster, with more skins, more characters and whatever else you want.

You can enter this application by logging into your Google account which is connected to the game or directly to your FF ID.

3. Cash monkey 

Cash monkey  It is similar to Flash Diamond, it has different games like roulette, spin and memory. Also, these games will allow us to earn points which we can exchange for unlimited diamonds.

If there is one thing you can fight against, it is its large 41 Mb which may be too much for some users who don't have much space on their phone and would rather save it for something else. Also Read: Download the Latest Version of Lulubox - Get Free Fire Skin.

What Is Using Applications To Get Free FF Diamonds Safely?

Before answering this question directly, we have to say that the three apps that we mentioned are available on Google Play and have a good number of downloads and good reviews.

We haven't even heard of people who have stolen their accounts or been banned from using this app, but it's better to be careful than sorry.

If you want our advice, we advise you not to install any application that guarantees you rock without cost.

As you know, this style app asks for your player ID  and it is dangerous if we are not sure who to offer it to.

Also, assuming they work, what's the fun of sticking to them for gems? Isn't it better to spend this time improving our style of play in Free Fire when an important event arrives?

Even so, you are responsible for installing one of the 3 apps that I mentioned or others.

How to Get Free FF Diamonds With Codes

As I said at the start,  yes, you can get  FF 2021 free diamonds, and it's quite simple and safe. You can get it by redeeming the code by participating in Free Rewards. You can get all the diamonds you want, without having to touch your pocket and without having to give your data to strangers or questionable origin pages.

Choose one of the codes to get 2021 Free FF diamond safely. Remember first come the first time:

TG8J U379 LR5K




We remind you that to change your code, you must visit the official Garena Free Fire website to get rewards and log in to the email or Facebook account associated with the account you use to play Free Fire.

How to Buy Diamonds on Free Fire

The first thing you need to do is click on the diamond icon that appears at the top of the game's start menu. Here you will see several top-up options at that price.

How to Buy Diamonds on Free Fire
Free refuelling option

Clicking on any of these 6 options will open the Google Play menu which will ask you for a payment method.

You can pay with your credit card by placing all the appropriate details and following the steps shown by the game.

Buy Diamonds with Paypal from Google Play

To do this traditionally, you need to follow the steps above, but instead of choosing your credit card, you will select Paypal as your payment method and enter all the data required by Google Play.

Buy Diamond with Paypal from Pagostore

If the Paypal payment option does not appear in the game then you will need to purchase Pagostore diamonds. Before entering the page, you will click on the nick, at the top left, to enter information.

Once logged in, in the GALLERY tab, you will find your player name and numeric code below. This is your player ID. You need to copy it by clicking on the little icon to the right of the ID or jotting down it anywhere.

After copying it, you will open a browser on your PC or mobile and you will go to the Pagostore.com page 

Pagostore Free Fire Refill Center

In this case, you will choose that you will reload with open fire and paste the ID.

Then the payment method and the number of diamonds you want to buy will appear. Choose the one you like and click "continue paying".

Pagostore Free Fire payment option

The BoaCompra page will load immediately and there you will need to confirm the payment method.

Confirm free payment for fire diamonds

You will place your data and continue purchasing until I tell you it was successful.


All of this is a safe and legitimate way to get 2021 Free FF diamonds. You may not install other applications. So enjoy and share with your friends.

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