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Top 3 SEO friendly blogger templates

Top 3 SEO friendly blogger template
Templates have always been an integral part of a website and are known to influence the choices of the visitors.

A well-designed template can help you decrease your bounce rate, increase chances of visitor attraction and, boost your SEO and readability by a ton.

A research in the year 2016 showed that 70% of the internet users do not return back to a website if they do not like its look or appeal which says a lot about how important Templates actually are.

However, the Templates provided by Blogger are sort of bland and not visitor friendly leading to an experience on your website that you would hate your visitors to have.

To tackle this problem many web designers have published extremely beautiful professional and user-friendly blogger templates to improve your search engine rankings.

Today we at TechyRel are going to share the 5 most beautiful, professionally designed SEO friendly free Blogger Templates to take your website to the next level.

Template List At a Glance -
  • Ura Magazine Blogger Template
  • Goomsite Darkula Redesign Professional Blogger Template
  • MiniFast Redesign Light Blogger Template

Ura Magazine Blogger Template

Ura Magazine Blogger Template is an extremely stylish template with advanced features that are present in no other blogger template on the internet.

Do you know why I praise it so much?

Let me tell you some of its amazing features -
  • Dark mode
  • Fast Loading
  • Star rating on post
  • Animated Footer
  • Animated Stylish Header
  • Cool looking posts section
  • Attractive Popular Post Gadget
  • Related articles in between post
If you get me started on this theme I will keep going on and on about it so let us not do that. Instead, you can see all its amazing features in the table below.
  • 2 type header for mobile and desktop
  • Label hover Animation
  • Stylish loading look
  • Scrollbar look 
  • Sticky sidebar
  • Normal sidebar
  • Widget Hover Animation
  • JavaScript Unlocked
  • Ads friendly
  • Smart look
  • Read also widget in between posts
  • Responsive
  • SM ads manager
  • Many more in preview
Some really cool features -

SM ADS manager

The SM ads manager is a really cool feature that lets you manage all the ads in between your posts just by one click rather than going to different posts and editing the ad code there.

Background Change Support

Now this one is extremely special. You can change the background of your website with an image and, it would automatically get optimized with night mode.

This feature is not available on most of the themes may it be for blogger or WordPress which is an amazing feat by itself.

Easy Customization

I suppose many of you would have seen themes that are incredibly hard to customize due to encrypted code or some other headache. Well, you will have no problem here since the theme is made for easy customization that makes your work so much easier.

Goomsite Darkula Redesign Professional Blogger Template

This template is used for creating a theme downloading site. There is a lot of feature on this theme.

You can select in the column for writing posts. This theme is fully optimized for writing SEO friendly content.

Some Features:

  • Fast Loading
  • Colum system on post
  • Defult css is not for page
  • Easily usable layout
  • So many shortcodes

MiniFast Redesign Light Blogger Template

There are numerous circumstances where instead of a very stylish and slow blogger template, people would prefer to use a lightweight and fast loading template with some limited features. 

Ever since the time Google announced Page Speed as a ranking factor, website owners have been trying extensively hard to achieve a good page speed score to rank higher and decrease the chances of visitors leaving their website due to load time. 

MiniFast Blogger Template was made for tackling this issue and improve your page loading time by a ton. Using advanced techniques it has achieved a level of speed that every blogger desires.
The advantages of using MiniFast Light over any other template will be -
  • Extremely fast Load Time
  • Lightweight design
  • Direct messaging option
  • Ads friendly 
  • Responsive Layout
The potential of MiniFast Light is formidable as it can play a major role in increasing your search rankings and decreasing the bounce rate of visitors.

After all, a recent research has shown that 
For every extra second, your page takes to load you may lose 50% of your visitors.
MiniFast is the perfect solution for this problem as it will load lightning fast which in many cases may prove to be the edge you need to beat your competitors.

You can see all its features in the table below
  • Google Testing Tool Validator
  • High PageSpeed ​​
  • Mobile Friendly
  • SEO Friendly
  • Dynamic Heading
  • High CTR
  • Personal Responsive Blog
  • Disqus Comment System
  • Breadcrumbs by Schema.org
  • Related Posts Widget
  • Featured Posts Widget
  • Social Share Button
  • Responsive Menu
  • Social Media Footer
  • Search Box
  • Back to Top button
  • Newsletter Widget
  • Shortcodes
  • Well Made Documentation
Some other cool features

Minimal Coding 

To ensure faster load time Minifast uses the least amount of coding languages with almost only the required Javascript.

This is what makes MiniFast so special as it is one of the few themes out there which does not use unnecessary widgets that have no use in most cases.

All required widgets looking cool

People often correlate fast loading with a bad user experience. MiniFast ensures that on the cost of speed, no required widget shall pay the price.

It has all the SEO features in it along with the fastest loading speed and a great user experience.

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