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How to start a blog by using blogger for free

Hi, guys in this article, I will tell you step by step how you can create a blog for free and start your earnings from online. If you want to create a blog for free then you get so many platforms to create a blog. You can use any free platform to create your blog but there is one problem you face, the problem is forced ads and the server speed, if you run your blog google blogger then you don't face any problem with those.
How to start a blog by using blogger for free
Now if you want to run a blog for free then you can run but on the free service, you get some limitation so I am talking about everything on this stay with me.

Create a free blog

How to start a blog by using blogger for free: If you want to start a blog for free then the only requirement is a Gmail. Go to www.blogger.com then sign in with your Gmail after that follow the below steps:
  1. After sign in done blogger automatically tell you to create a new blog just follow blogger instruction and create a blog.

Install custom theme

After creating a blog you need to change the theme and give it a good look (Don't use so colorful theme try to avoid colorful and heavy theme, use the lightweight theme).  Now I know you have a question about how you get a custom blogger theme and install it. If you want any kind of blogger theme then you can search on google, for example, "Magazin blogger template" if you search with these terms on google then you get unlimited blogger theme for your blog. On the online you found 2 types of blogger theme one is free theme second is paid theme. Now if you are a beginner you can go with a free theme. After you earn some money you can buy any paid theme for your blog with that money.
Now, how you can install the theme: After download did you get a .xml file on your theme file. Now open www.blogger.com go to the theme section then click on the three-dot menu after that click on restore after you click on restore you will see a popup box now click on upload and choose the .xml file you get on the theme file

How SEO your blog

Blogger provides us some basic SEO setting if you see on the setting you will understand how to your blogger blog. Now if you things why I am telling you SEO setting without telling how to write content, because if you don't SEO your blog then you don't get some important filed when you write content. You can watch the below tutorial for SEO your blog

How to write a post

How to write a post: If you want to run a blog then article writing is the must, but if you don't know how to write an article on blogger then follow all the below step:
  1. Go to the post section of blogger.com.
  2. Then click on new post (Now you can write a post on the field).
  3. There two ways to write the article first is the composed view and the second is the Html view.
  4. Now if you want to add Html, CSS, and js to the article then Html view helps you so much.

Some recommended page

Now I am told some recommended page to increase your engagement with your audience. See on the list important page list:
  1. Contact Page
  2. Disclaimer Page
  3. Privacy Policy Page
  4. Terms Of Condition Page
  5. Sitemap Page


Hey guys this a small article about how to start blogging for free by using bloggers. In this article, I am trying to show you every feature of the blogger. I hope this article is helpful thanks for with us.

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